Looking for the Streets of Los Santos?
Welcome to GTA Chronicles.

The next chapter in your roleplay experience.

Create your own chronicles in our world of great roleplay espouse coupled with an outlandish environment and an ever-growing feature-rich meta. Curated to by a passionate team of volunteers. Stand behind a banner that embraces GTA as a whole, and is representative of ALL roleplay spectrums, regardless whether legal or illegal.

With all the continuous efforts thus far, we're rebranding the community into an IP that matches our development and focuses on creativity, roleplay espouse and creating a heavy roleplay community. Following the name-change into GTA Chronicles, all of our services will receive a style update to highlight these changes.

What does this mean for SOLS? We chose to reserve all of the brand trademarks and have considered relaunching the classic SOLS as an RPG server in the future as a homage for all the OG players wanting to relive the experience.

More coming soon, take part in the chronicles @ gta-chronicles.com