Welcome to Singleplayer Roleplay! The timeline is the 90s, the city is Los Santos and the theme revolves around the GTA 3D Era and San Andreas universe, a continuation of the singleplayer storymode.

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Immersive Experience

Experience a new and updated Los Santos filled with new locations and immersive opportunities.

Updated Map. Explore a fresh and overhauled Los Santos.

Growing World. The world around you expands and grows.

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Authentic Story

Join a city of laws and outlaws in an authentic sequel as your own character.

Factions Join one of the 10+ factions and engage in true roleplay.

Legal Factions Serve and protect the city as a legal character.

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Community Based

Take part in a friendly SA:MP veteran roleplay community active since 2007.

Active Community Play at an average base of 70+ players that peaks to 120+ constantly.

Medium to High Roleplay Dedicated community of active members willing to help you improve.

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Active Community

Active Development

Growing Environment

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Frequently Asked Questions

How long has the server been running for?

The server was created in 2007 by TheGame. The server lasted until 2014 under his reign, when Dizzle picked it up. Dizzle sailed the ship for many years until 2018. In 2018, Hades came along and has been running the server ever since.

Throughout downtrodden times when the server dipped down, many community members tried to keep the ship going consecutively, more notably Compton and PandaH. Similar to TheGame, Dizzle and Hades; the server wouldn't be what it is today without their love for SOLS.

How do I play?

In 4 easy steps you can play the server, to find out how check out this friendly guide via the forums. Guide Link.

The server's official IP address is play.streetzofls.com.

How can I contribute?

Being a staff member is a tiresome process and not everyone can do it, if you want to be staff just for the sake of being staff i.e. having a fancy discord color and a flashy in-game role then we advise you not to budge. But if you are genuinely interested in contributing work or showing a bigger part and involvement in the server, you may contact the Community Managers.

How do I become verified?

We handpick verified players, to become one; show involvement, be active, make yourself noticed. Verified members are optimal for server tests, feedback, active discussion on server policy and other topics.

Can I create my own factions?

Yes, you can as long as your idea is canon to the server lore you may. Find out more here.